What is Hit Music Service?

Hit Music Service provides professional DJs and broadcasters with music direct from record labels, before it is available to the general public. Hit Music Service provides access to the largest music database available, which includes a variety of formats including: Urban, Rhythmic/CHR, Dance/Electronica, Top 40/Pop, and Rock. Independent label music is also available.

Music is added on a rolling basis and includeds clean, dirty, acapella, instrumental, and remixes of many songs.
Files are available for download immediately from our server as soon as they are posted.
All files are high quality mp3 256kbps or higher.

Do I qualify for Hit Music Service?
To qualify for Hit Music Service you must be a working professional club, or radio mixshow DJ. Radio station Program Directors, and Music Directors also qualify. General members of the public are not allowed access. We verify all member submissions.

What is the cost?
Hit Music Service is free for radio station Program Directors, Music Directors and Mix Show DJ's. Club DJ's may purchase a membership for $29.99 per month. We do not sell music. The monthly fee helps cover the substancial cost of maintaining our in house staff and huge online database of high quality files. Members retain access to our growing "recurrent" library to help fill in blank spots in their own music library.

How Do I Sign Up?
Click on the "Sign Up Now" link below. Fill out the form. Once we review your application, we will contact you by email.

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