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Hit Music Service is THE source, Radio Program Directors, Music Directors, and Mix Show Directors turn to for songs that will break.  Hit Music Service provides direct label distribution to more than 6,000 commercial and college radio programmers across the United States, and a growing amount of radio programmers from around the world.  The influence of HMS reach is equally well-founded throughout the major club market and the international DJ arena.  Professional DJ members to the site are comprised of nationally and internationally recognized tour DJs, and individual market DJs who have proven their ability to introduce new music to live audiences. 

Our services can but utilized individually or collectively depending on your desired marketing strategy. 

Our current music marketing rate schedule is as follows:

$600 - Individual Song Post - We will post your song on our monthly list, available for download by all of our members. We encourage artists to post as many variations of their song as they'd like.  Some examples include: clean, dirty, instrumental, remix and acapella.

$200 - Song Re-Post We can add your song to an additional month if you’re continuing your marketing campaign for a longer duration.  This rate makes a second or third month very affordable.

$300 - Monthly Music Page Banner Ad - Web banners along the top side of each music post page to draw more attention to your song.  With the purchase of a banner, your song highlighted in green, increasing the overall interest in the song, and the probability it will gain airplay. Side banners are adjacent to your song post and must be purchased with a song post.

$1,500 – Home Page Banner (Weekly Rate) The home page banner appears on our main page prior to each login.  Placement of your song on the home page banner guarantees it will be noticed by every member who visits the site.

$200 (Tier 1) - $500 (Tier 2) Email Blast - We offer a two tier email program. The first tier includes a write up on your song and artist in our weekly members email. This is an affordable way to draw attention to your song.  The second tier includes a direct blast of your artist bio and mp3 to all of our members in an exclusive email.  This is a great way to "put the song on the Program Director's desk." This marketing tool continues to work long after the email blast as we keep permanent versions of each individual Email blast up as permanent web pages. Furthering the chances of being picked up at a later date as well.

See Sample Music Newsletters below

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$400 - Individual Song Page - Many of our clients already have a strong marketing campaign underway, and simply need a form of delivery for their song.  An individual song page provides a single webpage with a "digital press packet."  Pictures, bio, and up to 5 mp3 files can be listed on this page.  Generally, these pages are made public so marketing efforts can direct both members and non-members.  This marketing tool is most effective with an already established artists and marketing effort, or in combination with a song post and email inclusion with links to the direct page.

See Samples Below:

September 2009 Featured Artist | October 2009 Featured Artist

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Hit Music Service Result Driven Music Marketing

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