Thank you for taking our Members Area Tour Now that you have taken the Free Mini tour and have seen a taste of what Hit Music service has to Offer each month it's easy to see why Over 90% of our members are happy to stay with Hit Music Service as their main Music provider.

This Service is only available to Professional DJs, Radio Stations, Program Directors and Music Industry specialists.

If you haven't already done so please fill out the membership approval application If you need assistance call our L.A. Office at (323) 638-9550

To complete your membership simply pay through the link in the email sent to you upon initial membership approval. If you applied for access and didn't receive your membership welcome email Call (323)638-9550

Each month we strive to bring even more hot new music and more features for our valued members. We currently provide music to Radio Stations all across America and a few around the world as well. We are pleased to now offer the same great service to professional nightclub DJs, Mobile DJs, Internet radio Staions, Mixtape DJs, and American DJ Association Members.

As you have seen within the tour, each month we offer the best music from a variety of Genre's including Rhythmic / Pop / Top 40 Chart Hits, Rock, Country, Hip Hop / Urban, and Electro House / Techno /Electronica.

To get the same amount of hot music anywhere else you would have to spend a small fortune each and every month.Our member service prices are low

because we mainly focus on getting the music to the right people. We know we could charge more per month for the amount of music and exclusive remixes we provide but our main service is providing artists with an avenue for getting their music heard and distributed to the people that will help make an impact on the music landscape. Mainly, the Radio Stations, College Radio Stations, Program Directors, Radio DJs, Nightclub DJs, Mixtape DJs, Music Blogs and Internet Radio Stations.

Thumbnails of our past Newsletters can be seen to the right showing featured artists of the month and a few of the songs that are featured within each month. Overall each month usually contains between 300-1200 songs as we continue to add more and more music each month the amount of great music you will receive access to as a priveleged member will most likely also increase.

If you have already recieved an acceptance letter with payment form click on the link and start your membership today. If you have not been accepted as a potential member but have already filled out the Membership application then please call: (323) 638-9550 If approved we will send you access to the payment form so you can begin accessing the best high quality music service on the internet.

Featured Music of The Month Newsletters
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Past Email Newlsetter Hot New Music Downloads For Professional DJs and Radio Stations

Past Email Newlsetter Hot New Music Downloads For Professional DJs and Radio Stations